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How to Get the Most out of your Cold Press Juicer

Cold press juicers have been becoming so popular with health enthusiasts because they allow people who are conscious about their bodies to take control of their diet in more nutritious and creative ways. Hailed as a multipurpose machine, cold press juicers deserve the entire spotlight they’re getting because they really allow their users to create a blend of juices and smoothies packed with substance and flavor! And speaking of the capabilities of these juicers, we do not want anyone to miss out on the blend of features which the cold press juicer offers. Below are some techniques and considerations which will allow you to get the most out of your cold press juicer.

Include Vegetables

A major advantage which cold press juicers hold as opposed to centrifugal or other conventional juicers is that they are much more efficient in squeezing out minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants from nuts, vegetables, leaves, and other tough greens. It is a commonly known fact that vegetables and other greens contain chlorophyll that helps to detox, oxygenate, and cleanse your body. Therefore, if you really want to utilize your juicer to make drinks which are loaded with nutritional value, consider making green drinks.

Green drinks are also low in sugar content and thus sometimes healthier than traditional fruit juices. If you have blood sugar problems, green drinks will help keep your blood sugar level and insulin level under control while providing you with all and more of the nutrients which you’d get from consuming fruit juices. Vegetables and fruits can even be combined to provide ingredients from both nutrient-rich foods in an exciting mixed fruits and greens drink.

How to Get the Most out of your Cold Press Juicer

Sweet Fruits

A very common mistake while jumping on the fruit juices bandwagon for beginners is that they tend to add too many sweet fruits and vegetables (like carrots) into their juice mix. While every fruit is no doubt very healthy for one’s diet in terms of its vitamin and other nutritional content, fruits contain a lot of fructose. Fructose or more commonly known as fruit sugar, when consumed in large amounts can be extremely damaging for one’s body. It is no doubt a tremendous health risk as pointed out by several qualified doctors to allow one to consume sugar in such elevated amounts in the form of fruit juice. Cold press juicer machine buying guide (2018-19) is the perfect source for purchasing and reading reviews.

Time and Storage

While you’d be tempted to use all the space in your cold press juicer to create several glasses of juice at once and to store the extra juice away to drink at a later time, this is another erroneous practice in terms of robbing yourself of some essential nutrients. Open to air and light, some antioxidants and nutrients in juices lose their effectiveness. It is best to consume the juice right away and if not then to store it in an air-tight, dark container and consume the leftover juice within a day’s time.

Remember to keep using your cold press juicer to experiment with new and healthier recipes and to research everything that you do.

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How to Choose Women’s Golf Shoes

Golf shoes are important for all golfers, men and women alike. If you are a regular golfer you would know why. For those new to golfing it is important to imply that golf shoes are very important to enhance your performance on the course. They provide you with the traction, comfort, flexibility and stability required to make the perfect golf swing. Here is a list of factors you need to consider when buying women’s golf shoes:


golf shoes stylesWhen it comes to style of womens golf shoes, it is even more important to women than it is to men since women are considered to have more of an aesthetic sense. Different style of golf shoes are available to choose from: classic golf shoe, golf sandals, and golf boot.

Classic golf shoes are the standard kind of shoes that look like sneakers and are most easily available in stores. They come in spiked and spikeless design. Boots, especially useful in cold weather, are made with material to keep the woman’s feet warm and are waterproof to allow them to play comfortably in wetter conditions as well. Golf sandals are an ideal choice for hot weather as they provide more breathability and comfort.


When choosing the right pair of women’s golf shoes , sizing is a very important consideration. Your feet should not be able to move within the shoe as they will not be able to provide the golfer with the necessary stability if they do. Make sure you wear the same kind of socks to the store that you will wear to the golf course. It is also a good idea to walk around a bit in the shoes before you buy them to see if they fit right and are comfortable to wear.


Consider buying waterproof shoes especially if you play golf regularly. Most good quality shoes from reputable manufacturers come with waterproof warranties. Waterproof shoes will allow you to play comfortably in the rain or on wet ground.


golf shoe sizeIf you are a regular golfer, it is best that you invest a little extra in buying good quality durable shoes. Reputable manufacturers often provide warranties with their golf shoes designed for women so that you can use them without any worries of your shoes wearing down.


This is another very important feature to consider. An 18 hole-course requires you to be on your feet for long hours. You need to be wearing very comfortable shoes so that you can focus at perfecting your game. As mentioned earlier, walk around a little in the shoes you are going to buy to decide if they are comfortable enough.

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