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Precautions to Keep Your Massage Chair Healthy

A massage chair is an expensive investment and such investments need constant care to be able to perform efficiently. The good thing about a massage chair is that it does not demand any sort of high and expensive maintenance but rather very minimal care and it just needs it from time to time. Massage chairs naturally come with a very long lasting warrant, especially the ones on the medium and high range at least. They can last till up to 10 years or so. This sort of build quality means that internally we do not have much to worry about and rather we should just keep it clean and greased. That is right, the best way to keep a massage chair in its stable and working condition is to give it a decent cleaning every few days and maybe every 3 months you could give it an oiling or greasing but grease is more recommended.

Greasing the massage chair is a bit technical but not difficult at all. The only thing you need to make sure is that the spot you are applying the grease to is indeed the right spot and also that the amount is not too much. Finding the right spots to grease is easy too. The best way to go about this is to find your user manual from the attic and flip to the maintenance section. That section can pretty much guide you on how to apply and where to apply the grease. The only tool you might need is a screw driver. That is also dependent on what model you have as the greasing points might be behind some protective casing that needs to be taken off first. If the user manual seems a bit complicated you could always look up tutorials on the internet. You will most likely end up on youtube and that is good since it has videos and you can see and follow step by step until your problem is solved.

Another small thing that you should also focus on is keeping your massage chair dust free. This is necessary since when dust is left unchecked it can turn into a big monster that can take a massive effort to clean up. This is also very easy to avoid since all you have to do is rub your regular dusting cloth on it when you are doing your regular cleaning. Rub properly on spots that are natural dust grabbers such as the back and underneath of the massage chair and blow on the screw holes too if your massage chair has them. Regular dusting can obviously prevent large accumulation of dust and with electronic items you can easily cause a large repair bill simply if you do not take care of them properly.

These are the two simplest and biggest precautions I could have recommended to you. They are also completely free. It will only cost you money if you happen to not have grease or oil at your disposal and that will barely set you back about $5.

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